When to install new concrete


There is always an ongoing question on whether or not to replace concrete. When does it become a matter of replacement rather than repair, and what is the difference. We are in the business of answering these questions, but there is always something more than meets the eye when it comes to answering these questions. In most cases, repair is something that is used as a last resort, but there are times when it is the only move.

The main sign that the concrete needs repair is when it begins fracturing into a dozen tiny pieces at even the least amount of stress. Concrete is strong, but as the weather continues to bear down on it, it becomes much more brittle. This is the first sign that the concrete is beginning to deteriorate and that repairs might be in order.

Knowing the signs

A crack here or there is a sign that your concrete needs repair, and the signs that it needs replacement begin to show up soon after. Once the concrete cracks so often that it begins to splinter off and lose integrity, that is when it is time for replacement.

We are in the business of not only pouring concrete, but giving honest advice as far as replacement is concerned. In most cases, repair is cheaper, but once a certain threshold is met, repair is only delaying the replacement that is needed. In order to know whether to repair or replace contact our talented staff of professionals that can show you what to do.

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