Thinking differently


As concrete professionals with more than 30 years of combined experience, we have seen virtually every concrete situation possible. From shoddy installations to perfect installations that go south due to bad weather and poor treatment, we know that there are different reasons for which people need concrete repaired or re-poured. Having seen all of these different scenarios, we can say for a fact whether or not something needs to be repaired and how much it will cost.

Part of what makes our company great and the people that work for us so knowledgeable is that we think differently about the state of concrete as well as when and how to repair it. It is our professional opinion that in order to serve our customers and continue to be the best paving contractors contra costa county, we must think outside of the box and give feedback that is both honest and constructive. We can tell you when it is time to repair and how long you can expect the repair to last.

Externalities abound

So much goes into concrete repair and installation that there is no solid way in which to say how long a repair will last. Each specific project has its own set of externalities, which means that we must use every piece of knowledge that we have collected over the years in order to come to a reasonable consensus. Weather damage is often easier to fix than acute damage to concrete, but to the untrained eye, they might look exactly the same.

Whether it is repairs that are needed or whether the concrete needs to be re-poured altogether, we know what steps to take to ensure that your commercial or residential concrete property is handled with the utmost in care and devotion. It is our pleasure to serve our customers using the extensive knowledge that we have backed by our unmatched integrity.

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