Thinking differently


As concrete professionals with more than 30 years of combined experience, we have seen virtually every concrete situation possible. From shoddy installations to perfect installations that go south due to bad weather and poor treatment, we know that there are different reasons for which people need concrete repaired or re-poured. Having seen all of these different scenarios, we can say for a fact whether or not something needs to be repaired and how much it will cost.

Part of what makes our company great and the people that work for us so knowledgeable is that we think differently about the state of concrete as well as when and how to repair it. It is our professional opinion that in order to serve our customers and continue to be the best paving contractors contra costa county, we must think outside of the box and give feedback that is both honest and constructive. We can tell you when it is time to repair and how long you can expect the repair to last.

Externalities abound

So much goes into concrete repair and installation that there is no solid way in which to say how long a repair will last. Each specific project has its own set of externalities, which means that we must use every piece of knowledge that we have collected over the years in order to come to a reasonable consensus. Weather damage is often easier to fix than acute damage to concrete, but to the untrained eye, they might look exactly the same.

Whether it is repairs that are needed or whether the concrete needs to be re-poured altogether, we know what steps to take to ensure that your commercial or residential concrete property is handled with the utmost in care and devotion. It is our pleasure to serve our customers using the extensive knowledge that we have backed by our unmatched integrity.

The perfect pour


The perfect pour is something that we have been striving for during the entire time of our more than ten year operation. Getting every little detail correct so that there is little reason to repair the concrete once it has been installed. As the top professional concrete company in the area, we have achieved the perfect pour on a number of occasions, but we are striving to do that every time with the right tools and precision.

For us, the perfect pour is something that every company should be trying to strive for, and something that will save the business and customers money at the same time. The less repairs that are needed, the more the customer saves, and the better the reputation for the installer is.

Win win

When companies achieve the perfect pour, everyone wins. Each party gets what they want and is satisfied with the performance of our company. During the times in which we have been innovating in this day and age, we have learned that keeping customers satisfied is as simple as doing our best and continuing to innovate the industry.

Join us as we continue to move forward in today’s business landscape with the latest in technological innovations designed to create the perfect pour. Give us a call and we guarantee that we will do our best to show you what a little bit of innovation and attention to detail can do for your and your company. Let us create the perfect pour for you.

Servicing the local community


We have been and always will be dedicated to serving the local Oakland asphalt paving community through outreach and knowledge. Whether you need concrete instillation, concrete repair, or concrete removal, we are the ones that are there to help you every step of the way. We offer the best in high tech equipment and the knowledge to know how to use it and apply what we have learned in order to create a better level of concrete installation.

Night and day, we are always looking for a better way to help our customers with everything concrete and asphalt related, which is something that has taken us very far in today’s business landscape. It is our pleasure to service the community and expand our business to the next group of customers that want to know more about what we do.

Local versus global

Our approach to business is unique in the sense that we think bigger, but still strive to serve our local community. Our experienced staff of knowledge based thinkers and on the job doers are the best in the business and understand that in order to move the industry forward, that we must look for ways to improve it as a whole. Our outreach programs have made us the biggest concrete company in the area, but we are always looking for better ways to improve.

Whether it is devising new and unique ways to pour concrete or looking for better demolition tools used to break up and install concrete and asphalt, we are on the cutting edge of knowledge and innovation, which is something that we have always shared with our customers. We fully understand that before we move the industry into the future, that we must master it in the state that it is currently in. Our goal is to keep concrete steadily moving forward.

A matter of perspective


There are a number of companies in the old businesses of asphalt and concrete that offer similar services to ours, including installation and repair, but we do things slightly differently. What makes us different is our ability to see what people want and give them that is a unique way. Not only do we install concrete and repair it with the utmost of integrity, but we also have insight on how to evolve the road surface industry as a whole.

Today, there are only so many advertising and communicating tactics that companies use in order to reach their customers. Without social media and online advertising, any business will have a tough time in this economy. What we have learned is that aside from these, customers are our largest asset.

Building a community

Many companies may simply expect you to know what they offer and the ways in which they help your asphalt and concrete needs. We believe in open communication during which we allow customers to learn what we are doing and how what we are doing can help their concrete investment count.

Always understand that what we do is for our customers and that in order to help us grow, we need customers that are educated. This is the symbiotic relationship that we are attempting to build with our customers and it is something that has worked out well with us. Come pay us a visit and see how we make every moment and piece of information and time shared with our customers count.

Transferring business power

In today’s world, there is sort of a prevalent sink or swim type of mentality that goes into business. In that, there are things that companies can do to boost their online awareness, and therefore, their dedication to their customers. One of the best things that companies can do for themselves and their customers is to build an online presence.

Now when I say this, I do not necessarily mean building a website and using social media to boost sales, but rather to build a forum and establish a community that customers and company members alike can use to enhance their knowledge on the topic.

Moving forward with grace

There comes a point where companies must think about not only what is good for them, but also what is good for the customer. Customers are much more well informed these days with the advent of the Internet, which means that they demand a certain level of transparency on the part of the company. An online presence is not only the best way to stay competitive in today’s market, but also to gain the trust of customers and clients alike.

Perhaps the best thing a company can do to increase transparency is to post their inner workings on the online community. The forum allows people to understand how the business operates and gives customers a chance to reflect on what the business does and decide for themselves how to support the company. Join us as we usher in a new age of transparency.


Help along the way


Let’s face it, not everyone that has concrete installed is a concrete expert, and many have no idea where or how to install or repair concrete, let alone the different types of concrete. There is a bit difference between needing to have concrete installed or repaired and knowing how to do it. This is where we come in. Not only do we have the latest in concrete installation experience and technology, but we also have the information you need to learn more about the craft.

We believe in keeping our customers informed and giving them insight on how the business works. As a Bodean company alternative, we can open your eyes to the nuance of concrete and asphalt and give you the tools you need to know not only when to repair and install concrete, but also a little bit on how and why. The difference we offer is communication and community.

The best in the area and beyond

Since our idea to keep customers informed and make them an integral part of how we conduct our business, we have become the largest vendor of concrete and asphalt in the business, which is not only something that our customers appreciate, but it is something that has helped us grow to a size that we never thought possible. Not only are we the largest concrete company in the area, but we are quickly becoming the largest company in the surrounding areas as well.

The difference in our business is something that we pride ourselves on and we believe that an educated customers can work wonders for propelling the concrete and asphalt disciplines into the new millennium. No matter what people say about the archaic businesses of concrete and asphalt, we believe that there is no substitute for quality service and a company that keeps its customers informed. Let us help you with all your concrete and asphalt needs.

When to install new concrete


There is always an ongoing question on whether or not to replace concrete. When does it become a matter of replacement rather than repair, and what is the difference. We are in the business of answering these questions, but there is always something more than meets the eye when it comes to answering these questions. In most cases, repair is something that is used as a last resort, but there are times when it is the only move.

The main sign that the concrete needs repair is when it begins fracturing into a dozen tiny pieces at even the least amount of stress. Concrete is strong, but as the weather continues to bear down on it, it becomes much more brittle. This is the first sign that the concrete is beginning to deteriorate and that repairs might be in order.

Knowing the signs

A crack here or there is a sign that your concrete needs repair, and the signs that it needs replacement begin to show up soon after. Once the concrete cracks so often that it begins to splinter off and lose integrity, that is when it is time for replacement.

We are in the business of not only pouring concrete, but giving honest advice as far as replacement is concerned. In most cases, repair is cheaper, but once a certain threshold is met, repair is only delaying the replacement that is needed. In order to know whether to repair or replace contact our talented staff of professionals that can show you what to do.

When to repair concrete


With physical impacts of climate change being what they are, there is more of a need to repair concrete on a more regular basis. Cracked and worn concrete can be a danger to pedestrians and motor vehicles, making it essential to repair such things in a timely fashion. We specialize in concrete repair, but also have the knowledge needed to tell people when repairs are needed.

Whether you own a home or business, there are reasons to keep your property well maintained. It essentially becomes a judgement call knowing when to repair concrete, but just remember that depending on the environment in which you live, it may have to be done more frequently. When repairing concrete always pay attention to where the damage is and how severe it is.

The answer is complicated

There is really no surefire way to tell when concrete needs to be repaired, and it is essentially a judgement call. Cracked concrete can pose a danger to those that use it, and depending on the nature of the concrete, you may or may not need to repair it. Keeping concrete repaired cuts down on possible liability and is generally a benefit for everyone that uses it.

Keep in mind that concrete repair is up to the owner of the property, and if people use the concrete, they are legally allowed to be safe when doing so. Weigh the pros and cons but remember that nobody has had a lawsuit brought against them that kept their property maintained and their concrete in tip top shape.

Solidly on your side


For us, there is a difference between what we offer our customers and what other companies offer their customers. We both offer our customers the best deals and the best equipment when it comes to concrete installation and repair. But what makes us different is our ability to build a community out of our services and offer our customers something that is above and beyond the call of duty.

For us, there is nothing like offering the best deals under the sun, except maybe giving people insight into the industry that they may not have gotten without our help. We believe that customer education is the best kind of service we can offer, and something that will give us the benefit of having a loyal base with which to share our experiences and ideas.

More than just concrete

We believe that in order to move the concrete industry forward, that we must do our best to share information and bring more educated customers into the fold. It is one thing to have a concrete company that prides itself on offering the best prices for repair and installation, but something completely different to give our customers insight on how our company is run.

It is the 21st century, and that means a higher emphasis on business transparency. Without our customers we would not have a company, which means that it is our pleasure to share what we do with the people we serve. Come join our collective of educated customers and professionals dedicated to bringing concrete to the next level.